BBC1’s Africa – On Safari 2013

Serian Serengeti North, Tanzania, Mara River Game Drive

Northern Serengeti Mara River Game Drive

BBC1’s Africa – On Safari 2013 is set to boost the idea of a safari in Africa., thanks in no small part to the popularity of the BBC 1 documentary “Africa”.

Narrated by the much loved BBC wildlife expert David Attenborough, the 6 part documentary series shows the spectacularly diverse range of wildlife to be found across the continent of Africa.

Each of the first 5 episodes focuses on a single geographical area of interest- Kalahari, Savannah, Congo, Cape and Sahara – with each episode exploring the diverse natural habitats and wildlife which can be found in each.

Prior to these documentaries many people won’t have been aware of the sheer diversity which Africa offers. When asked to picture a safari in Africa, most people would simply think of a sandy desert plain and the same “big 5” animals- elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, leopard and lion. Attenborough has helped show people just how diverse Africa truly is.

The continent is so much more than great plains like those of the Serengeti, there are the fantastic mountain ranges of Kilimanjaro, thriving wetlands including Lake Victoria (Africa’s largest lake by area) and, of course, the spectacular coastal and island regions where the land meets the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

What’s even more surprising is that all of the spectacular environments listed above can all be found in just one of Africa’s countries- Tanzania.

Tanzania is one of the most diverse and exciting locations on the planet. The sheer drama of the natural environments is awe inspiring in itself, but when coupled with some of the planet’s most amazing species of flora and fauna, any visit to Tanzania is guaranteed to be a truly once in a lifetime experience.

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