Chada Katavi

Chada Katavi is located in Katavi National Park, this small camp is hidden amongst the trees and foliage on the edge of the Chada floodplain.

Game viewing in this part of Katavi is excellent. The floodplains attract elephant, vast herds of buffalo and lots of hippo as well.

With just 6 tents, Chada Katavi is unobtrusive and aims to keep its environmental impact to a minimum. You have to look closely to spot the tents as they blend in well to their surroundings.

Chada Katavi is stylishly simple. The spacious tents have thick rugs on the floor, bucket style showers and eco-flush loos. Meshed windows allow cooling breezes into the tents and hurricane lamps light the tents at night which adds to the bush atmosphere.

The tents have a wood-floored veranda out front on which to relax and enjoy the views and passing wildlife. Elephant are frequent visitors, attracted to the shady fruit trees, and vast herds of buffalo graze on the flood plain.

The dining tent and a library are set in a clearing, both are comfortable spaces in which to relax when you are not on a safari adventure. Delicious meals are served with silverware in dining tent; after dinner you can spend some time sitting around the camp fire, swapping game driving experiences with your fellow guests.


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