Crater Lodge Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is probably one of the best known lodges situated around the Crater Rim and is divided into 3 parts, North, South and Tree camps.

Located approximately 4.5 hours drive from Arusha and 2.5 hours from Tarangire National Park, the Crater is a must see for visitors to Tanzania. Although resembling a traditional Maasai village from the outside the lodge is almost invisible from the Crater floor.

Surrounding Ngorongoro Crater Lodge are the 8,300 square kilometres of the Ngorongoro conservation area, stretching from the Rift Valley to the Serengeti. The Ngorongoro Crater is often called ‘Africa’s Eden’ and the ‘8th Natural Wonder of the World’. The Crater itself is 19 km long by 16 km wide and is the largest unbroken unflooded caldera in the world.

North and South Camp have 12 suites each whilst Tree Camp has 6. Whilst the exterior of the lodge is designed in the traditional Maasai mud and stick manyatta style, the rooms are colonial in feel with a central living area and a viewing deck overlooking the Crater. The bathrooms are lavishly decorated with Victorian baths, chandeliers and have lovely big fluffy towels to wrap yourself in after washing off the dust of the day!

The dining room serves International and African cuisine on fine china, crystal and silver cutlery. However, should you prefer it you can take your meals on the outside dining deck.

The game viewing is excellent with over 25,000 animals calling this area home. The phenomenal great migration of wildebeest and Zebra across the Serengeti often visits this area. There are 2 swamp areas fed by streams that are a favourite habitat for hippo, elephant and reedbuck whilst the soda lake attracts thousands of flamingo and other water birds.

Olduvai, more accurately called Oldupai after the wild sisal in the area, is the site of some of the most important fossil hominid finds of all time by Mary and Louis Leakey such as “Nutcracker Man” or Australopithecus Boisei who lived 1.75 million years ago. There is a small informative museum located at the visitor centre where you can view ancient fossils and the curator gives a talk to those interested. The gorge is a treasure trove of archaeological sites filled with fossils; settlement remains and stone artefacts – all evidence that this was once ‘The Cradle of Mankind’.


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