Escarpment Lodge

Escarpment Lodge is located on the top of the escarpment looking down into Lake Manyara National Park.

The lodge has thirteen excellently appointed private chalets offering doubles, singles and triples. Wooden floors, wide windows and doors add to the natural feel of the lodge and every effort has been made to ensure comfort and luxury: large beds with sumptuous linen and leather sofas in your own small lounge area.

All rooms at Escarpment Lodge have an ensuite bathroom as well as an outdoor shower so you can wash under the African stars as you listen to the night sounds of the bush around you – or have an early morning shower to the rising sun and the sound of birds waking.

Each chalet has its own private deck, from which you can view the lake below and watch wildlife as it drifts through the lodge grounds.

There is also a deck surrounding the main lodge which affords you breath-taking views of the lake and the gorge upon which the lodge perches. Abundant bird life fills the trees and bushes which grow right up to the deck.

Artifacts used in Masaai culture complete the look of your chalet, with the luxury of chandeliers and soft linens as well as the ethnicity of local goods.

Venturing out from the idyllic setting of Escarpment Lodge, you will find any number of activities available to you. Walk the grounds of the lodge and view the gorge upon which it is set. Alternatively, walking safaris on the borders of Lake Manyara National Park can be arranged or you can climb the Great Rift Valley Gorge. You can enjoy morning game viewing en route to the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation area via the Olduvai Archaeological site with a packed lunch.

Cultural activities are also available. You can visit the nearby village of Mto wa Mbu and experience indigenous life with activities such as art making, dance performances, local cuisines and irrigation farming. It can be arranged that you cycle through the farms and surrounding areas of this village. You can visit a local Maasai village visit close to the lodge where you can immerse yourself in the timeless daily activities followed by these pastoralists.


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