Greystoke Camp Mahale

Greystoke Camp Mahale is set in one of the most beautiful, remote and dramatic locations, on the edge of a white sand beach at the base of the Mahale Mountains. The camp manages to combine great style with a serious and ecologically sound approach to operating. This is truly a hideaway in a raw and astounding wilderness.

The camp emerges out of the steep sloped wilds of the Mahale Mountains National Park and overlooks Lake Tanganyika.

Greystoke Camp Mahale has just 6 bandas, each of which is open fronted with interiors built from dhow timber. There are 2 beds in each room. The en suite bathrooms are reached via a short walk and have showers and flush toilets. There is a veranda above each banda.

Meals are served in the mess tent, situated on the beach or under the stars at the edge of the water. The food is good, including fresh fish from the lake, a bar, a small library and upstairs viewing deck.

This is considered to be one of the best places from which to see chimpanzees in the wild. The camp helped pioneer the development of the park infrastructure with the building of a network of tracks within the forest. With the camps guides you can walk into the forest and observe some of these fascinating creatures at close hand.

The forest is also an interesting place in itself, as it is also home to 8 other species of primates, birds, butterfies, waterfalls and other mammals. You can also spend time fishing in the lake, go kayaking or take a gentle walk through the forest.

Greystoke Camp Mahale is a very special place and therefore has a very special price attached to it! However, it is one of those rare places which we would recommend splashing out on if you possibly can.


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