Hatari Safari Lodge

Situated at an altitude of just over 5,000 feet, Hatari Safari Lodge is located just inside the northern edge of Arusha National Park, about 35 kilometres (an hours drive) from Kilimanjaro Airport and about 30 kilometres from the town of Arusha itself.

The lodge offers superb views of Arusha National Park, its lakes, craters and rainforests. The 5,892 metre Mount Kilimanjaro is often clearly visible from Hatari whilst the 4,566 metre dormant volcano, Mount Meru provides a magnificent backdrop.

The Lodge consists of 3 buildings housing nine comfortable ‘retro’ decorated rooms, each with an open fireplace and private facilities. The oldest building is used as the central living and dining room and here you will also find a comfy lounge and bar area where you can relax after sampling the delicious cuisine on offer! If you prefer, you can simply sit and look at the surrounding acacia woodland from the veranda and viewing deck.

Outside there are breathtaking views onto the Momella Swamp where you can get friendly with the resident giraffe from the viewing platform! Other visitors include warthogs, buffalo, waterbuck and if you’re very lucky, elephant.

Hatari Safari Lodge was once the home of the actor Hardy Kruger who bought the property in 1960, having starred in the film of the same name with John Wayne. Part of the production was filmed in the photogenic surrounding area.

There are many activities available to guests staying at Hatari Safari Lodge, the most obvious being game drives in the surrounding area.

A drive to Big Momella offers the chance to view many wetland bird species as well as flamingos, whilst a visit to Little Momella offers you the chance to see buffalo and waterbuck up close – maybe even Hippotamus if you’re extremely lucky! You can also take a canoe out on the waters should you feel tempted.

If you’re feeling energetic, why not take a game walk with a Maasai naturalist to learn about the variety and use of the many plants growing nearby?

For more information on the opportunities available at Hatari Safari Lodge, or to book your stay, call the Go2Tanzania team on 01524 242018 or contact Christine MacDougall and ENQUIRE NOW.


  1. Helen and Jonathan


    We arrived late for dinner, (instead of breakfast as planned) due to extreme delays with the journey from UK. Dinner is normally taken at a long communal table but the lodge kindly arranged a separate table for us as, after 30 hours of travelling, we were a little tired! On the second night they ensured that we were sitting with other English speakers and we had a great evening chatting with the different nationalities! Although there was a set menu, enormous detail had been paid to our pre-notified diet requirements. We were escorted to our well- equipped and spacious en suite lodge by a Masai to ensure there were no animals en route and the Masais kept watch all night as animals would roam freely though the lodge grounds. Although electricity goes off overnight, Hatari had kindly arranged battery power for a sleep apnoea machine. Malaria is not a problem here because of the altitude so no mosquito nets were needed. The highlight of Hatari was the sight of giraffes and other animals grazing very close by as we ate our excellent a la carte breakfast.

    We spent a day going up Mt Meru to the caldera, stopping off as we drove part of the way up to view wildlife and waterfalls, driving through an arch formed by a massive fig tree, before walking up escorted by an armed guide to see buffaloes and baboons. We had our best packed lunch of our whole safari when the driver produced a tower of metal dishes, each containing different hot delicacies. The next morning’s drive showed us lakes pink-ringed by flamingoes feeding as well as local sites of historic interest.

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