Kwihala & Impala Free Nights

Fantastic offer pay for 3 nights get 4 nights in Selous and Ruaha.

Offer includes: Full board accommodation and all game excursions. Offer does not include park fees and flights to Selous and Ruaha.

The dry season is winter which usually starts in June and stretches till November. During this period very little to no rain falls and the Park becomes progressively drier the later it gets in the year.

The advantages of this season is that due to the lack of foliage on the trees and grasses dying down, visibility is increased which make for easier sightings of animals as well as facilitating good photographic opportunities as most vegetative obstructions are reduced. Another bonus is that as a result of the diminishing surface water, most animals concentrate around perennial water-points and don’t stray too far.

The predators exploit this time as the herbivores are in a weakened state and regular kills are encountered. There is also a lot of dust and smoke in the air which creates spectacular orange sunsets.

Selous consists of vast tracts of archetypal east African wilderness containing perhaps the greatest concentration of big game left on earth. Only in its northern extremity in the area of forest set around the mighty Rufiji River, has the Selous suffered the incursion of man, and it is still home to a bewildering array of birds and mammals. This is the Africa experienced by many of its early explorers – raw and untouched. Your game-drives may take you to the lakes where, in the dry season, the herbivores gather to drink and the carnivores lie in wait.


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