Rubondo Island Camp

Rubondo Island Camp is one of the most untouched and natural camps in Tanzania, boasting some of the most incredible wildlife to be seen in the region.

The Rubondo Island Camp is based, as its name suggests, on Rubondo Island. Located in the southwest corner of the infamous Lake Victoria, the region plays host to a wealth of indigenous wildlife, as well as some infamous residents who were introduced to the island in the 1960s.

Rubondo was chosen for its pristine, untouched forest to become the new home of the island’s most infamous residents – the chimpanzees – by a team of wildlife conservationists in the 1960s. The chimps were introduced as the first ever attempt to rehabilitate captive chimpanzees back into a wild environment. Their survival to this day remains a testament to the early pioneers who introduced them here half a century ago.

The chimpanzees are certainly one of the island’s most attractive draws to visitors, but the island has a great range of other attractions to offer:

The indigenous wildlife of the area is plentiful and varied. Located on Lake Victoria the camp is the ideal location to spot a range of lake dwelling animals including crocodiles, hippo and the island’s renowned otter colony. The otters thrive here, feeding on the lake’s amazing fish species which are also incredibly rich and varied.

The Rubondo Island Camp is a fantastic location for big game fishing; with many fantastic species including the legendary Nile perch to contend with.

The abundance of wildlife doesn’t stop there. The rich and bountiful environment is also home to a great many birds, including migratory species, and the largest population of fish eagles in the whole of Africa. As such the island is a fantastic location for anybody looking for a birding holiday quite unlike any other.

Introduced at a similar time to the chimpanzees, a variety of other animals were introduced to the Rubondo Island habitat in order to benefit from the remote, protected environment. Today these species continue to thrive, meaning the island is now also home to Suni antelope, elephant, giraffe, black-and-white Columbus monkeys and African grey parrots. If you’re looking for a safari holiday in Tanzania then the sheer range of species on and around Robondo Island has to be seen to be believed.

The Rubondo Island Camp itself is a fantastic space to relax and unwind. Remote, peaceful and serene, the natural environment is complemented by the luxurious and welcoming lodge and its friendly and attentive staff.

This small and exclusive camp has just eight luxury cottages, all built by hand, using traditional skills and local materials, to ensure a light footprint on the island’s delicate eco-system.


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