Tent With A View

Tent With A View is located on the beach surrounded by the amazing bush of Saadani National Park. It is ideally positioned to explore the only coastal wildlife reserve in Tanzania.

Saadani National Park is situated north of Dar es Salaam and is easily reached by a 20 minutes flight by light aircraft. Saadani is set apart from other national parks in Tanzania by its mix of eco systems. Here the Indian Ocean meets the lowland coastal forests, open grasslands, mangroves and acacia woodlands, making for an unusual and intriguing place to visit. Saadani National Park is home to a variety of game including elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo, zebra, hippo and eland.

Tent With A View consists of 10 tented rooms, 8 of which are set on high wooden platforms whilst the remaining 2 tents are set at beach level. The tents themselves are the old fashioned green tents, each with a large balcony and hammocks overlooking the Indian Ocean. Each tent is individually designed and has en suite facilities.

The restaurant and bar are also elevated on stilts overlooking the ocean and specialise in freshly caught seafood.

There is plenty to do at Tent With A View. You can take a boat safari on the Wami River where you can see hippo, crocodiles, kingfishers and even white colobus monkeys in the trees along the river edge. Alternatively you can take a game drive through the southern section of the national park which is home to a large population of giraffe and antelope.

You can also take a village tour which visits one of the oldest settlements on this coast, taking in the old fort, graveyard, school and fishermen at work.

Migrating dolphins and whales sometimes pass through the Zanzibar channel and there is also a Green Turtle project at Madete Marine Reserve helping to conserve this rare species.


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