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Best time to visit Tanzania

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When is the best time to visit Tanzania?

We believe Tanzania is a beautiful country to visit all year round. It is important to make sure you travel at the right time of year in order to make your visit as special as you can.  Your holiday should be full of fun and excitement, as well as exhilarating and restful.

The best way to find the answer to all your questions about visiting Tanzania is to call us.  We dont have a hard sell approach promise.

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The weather in Tanzania

To make the most of your exciting holiday escape, it’s important to understand the general weather pattern in Tanzania and how it affects the animal movements.

The short rains in Tanzania usually start at the end of the year, November/December.  This time of year brings sharp down pours, followed by glorious sunshine.

The wettest time of year is April and early May, when you will get long spells or rain but again the sun usually comes out.  For us the best time to visit Tanzania is May and we call this the Green Season.  Less people visit Tanzania at this time of year and, you can drive for miles and not see anybody else.  Game viewing is excellent.  You just need to be prepared for a shower or two.

The long dry season usually falls between June and October.  At this time of year you will experience long dry days, the ground becomes dry and arid and animals congregate around permanent sources of water.

If you can look out of the box there is a lot to be said for travelling during a less popular time, such November or May.

So, when is the best time to visit Tanzania?

We often ask our guests, when is it best for you to travel? And when can you travel?

We dont tell you when you should go to Tanzania, instead we tell you what you can see at the different times of the year.  As an example when is the best time to see the flamingos on Lake Natron, or when can you see the whale sharks off Mafia Island.

Safaris in Tanzania are created by us for you and need to be comfortable for you.  Holiday planning is in many ways the best part, as it becomes full of anticipation and excitement.

If you have already chosen the wildlife area of Tanzania you would like to visit,  we can advise on the best times to go again get  in touch or phone us on +44(0)1524 242018.

Watch this space for the next update on the best time to Go2Tanzania to see the Serengeti Migration.