Photography & Birding Holidays in Tanzania

Tanzania offers amazing birding and photography opportunities to the keen amateur as well as the ornithological expert. Perhaps you are looking for a photographic or art safari or you have a specific endemic on your wish list.

It is impossible in a wilderness area or any of the Tanzania National Parks in Tanzania to look upwards and not see birds. Tanzania has a number of IBS’s with over 800 resident species and almost 200 regular migrants.

Ortolan Bunting Emberiza hortulana observed in Serengeti.
Slender-tailed Nightjars at Kisimangeda, Lake Eyasi.

For in depth locations and bird data see Bird Atlas of Tanzania.

If photography is your passion, Tanzania is perfect. We will ensure the right location at the right time. We provide patient and knowledgeable guides who will direct you to the heart of the action. The backdrops and vistas are incredible.

For those looking for guidance and expertise we run a number of photographic trips each year, call Christine to find out more on 01524 242018.

Lodges ideal for Photography and Birding Holidays in Tanzania