Zanzibar comprises of over fifty islands. The main island Unguja better known as Zanzibar, is just a twenty-minute flight from the mainland of Tanzania.

We think it is an enchanted island. The name conjures up romance, heat and tranquillity. Few countries can equal Zanzibar’s long fine white sandy beaches, blood red sunsets with warm aquamarine waters providing the setting for superb diving and snorkelling.

Its history is steeped in romance and mystique. Zanzibar is essentially a nineteenth century phenomenon with its slave and ivory trades and spice plantations. There is no place quite like it.

Stone Town is a labyrinth of narrow alleys leading to sultan’s palaces with intricate carved doors, steeped in mystique, culture and busy bazaars rich with trade and spice. During the 1800′s cloves were introduced, and to this day Zanzibar is still a major producer of this exotic spice.

Emerson’s, once a family home of a wealthy merchant now world famous is a great experience, especially the roof top restaurant.

Miles of white sand clear blue water, sea anemones floating about in warm currents and hundreds of tropical fish darting in and out of the coral. Not to mention a divers heaven.

Most of the beach hotels offer some form of water sport or other. Matemwe for example avoids motorised boats where possible and makes use of dhows as their dive boats. Ras Nungwi offer extensive programs again with emphasis on minimal impact.

The north and eastern coasts possess some of the most breathtaking beaches, including a private island called Mnemba. The location is stunning.

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