Arusha National Park

Set between the towering peaks of Mount Meru and the snow-capped Kilimanjaro, Arusha National Park comprises lush montane forest, the beautiful Momella Lakes and the tranquil craters of Ngurdoto and Mount Meru.

There are few parks with such variety. The Momella Lakes host a variety of water birds including Hammerkop, Hadada Ibis, African Spoonbills, Maccoa Ducks and a rich variety of waders. An occasional Hippo will belch rudely as it breaks the waters from its sub-surface daytime retreat and waterbuck and Kirk’s Dik Dik loiter beside their drinking pools.

From lookout points on the forested rim of the Ngurdoto Crater, Warthogs, Cape buffalo and other mammals may be observed as they feed on the peaceful grasslands of the crater floor, whilst monkeys and more elusive creatures hide in the forests.

Lodges in Arusha