Udzungwa National Park

Udzungwa is a remnant of the eastern arc rainforest that once stretched along the eastern rift 165 million years ago. At this time Madagascar separated from mainland Africa, so the forests there have many similarities to the Udzungwa rainforest.

Six million years ago, the Udzungwa rainforest was also isolated from the West African rainforests so that there exists a high degree of endemism with 25% of the plants here being unique only to Udzungwa. This means that much of the wildlife is also unique and of the 10 primates that are found in these forests, four are endemic only to Udzungwa including the Hehe Red Colobus and the ‘Sanje Crested’ Mangabey.

There are also a couple of endemic bushbabies, several endemic birds including the Rufous-winged Sunbird and Udzungwa Partridge and the forest is so full of biodiversity that scientists are still finding endemic birds, plants, butterflies (and other insects) and mammals on a regular basis.

Lodges in Udzungwa Mountain National Park