Tanzania Itineraries

Tanzania itineraries can be confusing and time consuming to create.  There is so much information available on the web it can be mind boggling. We have experience of living and working in Tanzania and we know the area better than most.

Tanzania is our favourite country in Africa, and it is home to some of the most famous safari attractions in Africa. Each National Park in Tanzania has its own special charm.  We are happy to advise.

The best areas are to visit
The best time of year to travel to Tanzania
How to get to each location

Tanzania Itineraries

We have lots of Tanzania itineraries to share with you and we are always happy to help you plan a memorable and treasured safari holiday in Tanzania.  There are no age restrictions.  As long as you are fit to fly, you can travel to Tanzania.

Tanzania conjures up a holiday from a bygone era.  Where migrating animals journey across the endless Serengeti plains.  Where large rivers fringed with doum palms flow, and stealthy leopards seek out their prey. Of chimps causing havoc in the canopies and of elephants feeding peacefully along river banks.

Tanzania itineraries can include a tropical island stay. Where exclusive secret hideaways or rustic beach bandas can be home for a few nights.  The islands are the perfect retreat post safari for all who visit Tanzania.

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