What is a Safari?

Here at Go2Tanzania we make every safari a ‘special safari’ entirely tailored for you but ‘what is a safari’. To give you an idea of what you can expect on safari we have put the following guide together.

  • You will be met at the airport by your guide who will be with you and become your best friend throughout your stay on Safari. Let us know your interests and we will match the guide that best suits.
  • You are then transferred to your overnight lodge or hotel in a four wheel drive vehicle, this vehicle is just for your family/group. The Hotel/Lodge will be hand picked especially for you.
  • The four wheel drive usually has air conditioning although it is rarely required as once on safari the roof is opened to allow the best viewing experience.
  • After your night in the hotel/lodge you will be transferred to the game reserve, usually within 2hrs 30mins on tarmacked roads. The area of the reserve will be chosen to make sure a ‘Game Rich’ experience. Again the area chosen will be selected for your interests.
  • Once at the game reserve gates your permits will be checked by the game reserve authorities, we will have sorted all these out for your complete peace of mind.
  • Once in the game reserve you can expect to see a fantastic show of wildlife. These may include Elephants, Buffalo, Leopards, Lions, Rhino’s, Hippos, Wider beast, Flamingoes, Giraffes and….. so many more to mention!
  • You can expect to get up really close to the animals (within a few feet), and because you have your own guide you can stop and see whatever you want.
  • Our expert guides will ensure your safety and make sure the animals are not upset by your safari presence. This does not stop us from getting you real close to the beautiful animals. Although the animals are wild our guides do not carry guns, the only shooting we do on our tours are with a camera.
  • Photographs and viewing of the animals is best through the open roof of the 4 wheel drive, you might want to climb on the seats so easy to remove footwear is a good idea.
  • Your guide will take you to the best spots, these might be on the Savana or a watering hole. The tracks can be a bit rough at times so for the ladies a ‘sports bra’ is a good consideration!
  • We make sure there is contingency plan in place for the unlikely event of a breakdown ensuring minimal disruption and making sure you can carry on with your safari.
  • You can choose to whether to take a packed lunch with you to maximize your time out on safari or alternatively you can return to the camp and take a more leisurely lunch and perhaps cool off in a plunge pool before venturing back out (if you want to).
  • The safaris can start at whatever time you like, you do not have to start early in the morning if you don’t want to, the beauty of having your own guide is that you choose. The animals are most active early in the mornings and in the evenings when the sun is cooler and you may want to consider this when thinking about when you want to Safari in the day.
  • Once back at the camp there is the opportunity to shower (the water is carried in especially for you) before your evening meal, dependent on the camp the dinner is usually a three course meal. Vegetarian meals are available. Soft and alcoholic drinks are also available.
  • Although it is called a camp, the beds are ‘proper’ beds and the facilities are far above basic, with plenty of water and toilets available.
  • The camps very in size from 3 tents to 80, let us know what you prefer and we will sort the best camp for you.
    You are free to wander round the camp during the day, in the evening the local Massai people guard the camp although there is very little risk from animals they do sometimes become a little curious. You will often see curious animals in and around the camp.
  • The safaris experience usually last between 5 and 14 days. Most of our safaris are all inclusive, the only extras are tips for your guide (recommended £20 per couple) and camp staff (£5 to £6 per day), all these are discretionary.

For more information on how we can make your safari truly memorable call Christine on +44(0)1524 242018